We picked a winner!

On March 24, 2011 we held the drawing for the seasons grand prize. The owner of Alliance Video Productions, Tom Johnson, along with the help our two assistants, picked this years winner. There were over 1000 entries and winner is Tiffani Reed of Delran NJ. Tiffani & Rasheed will be getting married on June 18, 2011 at Maggiano’s in Cherry Hill. The value of this video package is $1,400.

We filmed the contest drawing at the Savoy Caterers. Tiffani was not in attendance for this show, but I called her the following day. Also included in this video is my phone call and Tiffani’s reaction. It was priceless!



Thursday is the BIG day!  On March 24, 2011 at Savoy Caterers we will be drawing the winner of this seasons free wedding video production.  The value of this prize is $1,400.  WOW!  Come out to register for your chance to win.  Visit Bridalshowcases.com and Alliance Video for more information.  Good luck to all that have entered.  We look forward to a great turnout on Thursday.

Bridal Fair in Wildwood

Come visit Alliance Video this Sunday, 3/20/11 at the Wildwood Convention Center.  Go to this website for more information.

The 3rd Annual Bridal Fair will Feature:

FREE admission
FREE registration gift for all brides
FREE prize

Hope to see you there.

Smithville Bridal Show

If you are still in need of services for your wedding, come join us this Thursday evening from 6-9 at the historic Smithville Inn. Great food, great entertainment, great vendors and great fun! We hope to see you there.

Here is a video we produced last year at the Smithville Inn.

AVP at Sand Barrens Bridal Show

This Sunday, 3/6/10, we will be attending the second annual bridal show at the beautiful Sand Barrens Golf Club in Swainton, NJ.  Located on Rt.9 between Sea Isle and Avalon.  The show is from 12PM – 3PM. Follow this link to watch a video we created last year showcasing this fun event.  We hope to see you there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I read this story and I thought I would share on this Valentine’s Day.  It was written by one of my favorite authors.  I hope you enjoy this short narrative and it helps bring more meaning to our relationships.

The Rose by Jim Rohn

Lifestyle is style over amount. And style is an art—the art of living. You can’t buy style with money. You can’t buy good taste with money. You can only buy more with money. Lifestyle is culture—the appreciation of good music, dance, art, sculpture, literature, plays and the art of living well. It’s a taste for the fine, the unique, the beautiful.

Lifestyle also means rewarding excellence wherever you find it by not taking the small things of life for granted. On Valentine’s Day, I wanted to illustrate this with a personal anecdote:

Many years ago my lady friend and I were on a trip to Carmel, California, for some shopping and exploring. On the way we stopped at a service station. As soon as we parked our car in front of the pumps, a young man, about eighteen or nineteen, came bouncing out to the car and with a big smile said, “Can I help you?”

“Yes,” I answered, “A full tank of gas, please.” I wasn’t prepared for what followed. In this day and age of self-service and deteriorating customer treatment, this young man checked every tire, washed every window—even the sunroof—singing and whistling the whole time. We couldn’t believe both the quality of service and his upbeat attitude about his work.

When he brought the bill, I said to the young man, “Hey, you really have taken good care of us. I appreciate it.”

He replied, “I really enjoy working. It’s fun for me and I get to meet nice people like you.”

This kid was really something!

I said, “We’re on our way to Carmel and we want to get some milkshakes. Can you tell us where we can find the nearest Baskin-Robbins?”

“Baskin-Robbins is just a few blocks away,” he said as he gave us exact directions. Then he added, “Don’t park out front—park around to the side so your car won’t get sideswiped.”

What a kid!

As we got to the ice cream store we ordered milkshakes, except that instead of two, we ordered three. Then we drove back to the station. Our young friend dashed out to greet us. “Hey, I see you got your milkshakes.”

“Yes, and this one is for you!”

His mouth fell open. “For me?”

“Sure. With all the fantastic service you gave us, I couldn’t leave you out of the milkshake deal.”

“Wow!” was his astonished reply.

As we drove off I could see him in my rear-view mirror just standing there, grinning from ear to ear.

Now, what did this little act of generosity cost me? Only about two dollars—you see, it’s not the money, it’s the style.

Well, I must have been feeling especially creative that day, so upon our arrival in Carmel I drove directly to a flower shop. As we walked inside I said to the florist, “I need a long-stemmed rose for my lady to carry while we go shopping in Carmel.”

The florist, a rather unromantic type, replied, “We sell them by the dozen.”

“I don’t need a dozen,” I said, “just one.”

“Well,” he replied haughtily, “it will cost you two dollars.”

“Wonderful,” I exclaimed. “There’s nothing worse than a cheap rose.”

Selecting the rose with some deliberation, I handed it to my friend. She was so impressed! And the cost? Two dollars. Just two dollars. A bit later she looked up and said, “Jim, I must be the only woman in Carmel today carrying a rose.” And I believe she probably was.

Can you imagine the opportunity to create magic with those around you, and all for the cost of a few dollars, some imagination and care. Remember, it is not the amount that matters but the thought and care that often has the greatest impact upon those you love.

The Merion Bridal Show

If you are engaged and in the planning stage, don’t miss Sunday’s bridal show at The Merion. Please visit, the Bridal Showcases website for more information.  Make sure you stop by our booth and register for the grand prize, a wedding video production valued over $1,400.  Follow this link for more details.

We won the Bride’s Choice Awards 2011 from WeddingWire!

This means we are in the top 5 percent of Wedding Professionals nationwide. We are very humbled and grateful!  Thank you to all of our clients and new friends!  Visit the WeddingWire for more information and PLEASE feel free to review our services.  Thank you in advance!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our current and future friends from Alliance Video!

May everyone have a blessed, safe and happy holiday season and a great 2011!

March of Dimes Award Recipients

We produced these videos for the March of Dimes, a non-profit organization for their Born to Shine Award’s Gala.
Prominent doctors spoke about their experience in their profession and CEO’s talked about the value this doctor brings to patients, families, and the hospital.  Very valuable content for anyone to see.  These men and woman are most certainly our heroes.

AtlantiCare, Dr. Edward Sung from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Cooper Hospital, Dr. Robin L. Perry from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Kennedy Hospital, Dr. Richard Simmers from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Nemours/duPont, Dr. Steven B. Ritz from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Dr. Ashong from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Virtua, Dr. Elizabeth Fong-deLeon from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.