Stylus USB Video Pen

Meet June Busch.  Alliance Video produced her wedding 12 years ago on May 5, 2001.  We received a call from June on Monday, 1/21/13 and she was in distress.  Somehow the family’s cherished wedding DVD was lost.  Listen to June’s voice message.  

June Busch missing DVD

Fortunately,  for anyone using Alliance Video, we have kept each wedding video we have every produced since 1994.  June is in luck and we can recreate a new DVD for her.

Along with the DVD, we asked June if she would like to store a copy of the wedding on her computer or tablet.  This way, even if the DVD gets lost or damaged, she will always have a copy on her computer or hard drives.  She was thrilled with the possibly and took advantage of the pre-launch sale we are running on our new Stylus USB Video Pen.

Here are the great benefits in owning a Stylus USB Video Pen from Alliance Video.

  • Sometimes, things unexpectedly get lost or misplaced.  
  • DVD’s over time can get scratched or damaged.  We have replaced many damaged DVD’s over the years.  
  • Copy your edited wedding on any computer, tablet or Apple device, including your iPad or iPhone.
  • We will enhance your original high quality video using the lasted encoding process for best results.  Download to iTunes and onto your computer or iPad.  It’s easy!
  • As an added benefit, it’s also a cool stylus and pen.
  • Hold onto your memories wherever you go. 
  • Finally, order fast to take advantage, as June did, on the pre-launch sale price of only $49.  After Saturday, the price will return to its original discounted price of $79.99  

Email ( right away, to hold onto your memories. In the subject line say, I want my Stylus USB Video Pen. 

Hold Onto Your Memories

Introducing the brand new Stylus USB Video Pen from Alliance Video.  This exciting new product let’s you relive your wedding video on your computer or tablet.  It’s a great new delivery format along with your DVD or Blu-ray disc.  Now you can carry your wedding video with you and put onto your preferred device and computers.

Once complete, we will place your edited wedding video on your very own Stylus USB Video Pen.  You simply download the files to iTunes or your computer’s hard drive.  Now you can relive your wedding day wherever your go.  Not only that, you can add anything you wish to this USB dive, including your wedding photos.  As an added benefit, it’s also a pen and a stylus.  It’s everything in your hand…how cool is that?  

The discounted price for Alliance Video’s Stylus USB Video Pen is only $75.  This includes the Pen, plus the process of encoding your video onto the USB drive.  This exciting new product is available to any couple who hired Alliance Video to produce their wedding.

You have our commitment to continue delivering great service, quality and now, convenience.   Order now to Hold Onto Your Memories!    

We won the top 2 awards in the wedding industry

We are so grateful to all of our happy couples who appreciated Alliance Video capturing their special day.  We know you had choices and we’re very appreciative you selected us on the most important day of your life.   Thank you also for your kind reviews on The Knot & WeddingWire.


                                                    Click the above Photo to Review our Services.  Thank you in advance!

Here is Alliance Video’s 2012 Year in Review 


March of Dimes Award Recipients

We produced these videos for the March of Dimes, a non-profit organization for their Born to Shine Award’s Gala.
Prominent doctors spoke about their experience in their profession and CEO’s talked about the value this doctor brings to patients, families, and the hospital.  Very valuable content for anyone to see.  These men and woman are most certainly our heroes.

AtlantiCare, Dr. Edward Sung from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Cooper Hospital, Dr. Robin L. Perry from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Kennedy Hospital, Dr. Richard Simmers from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Nemours/duPont, Dr. Steven B. Ritz from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Dr. Ashong from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

Virtua, Dr. Elizabeth Fong-deLeon from Tom Johnson on Vimeo.

do we need a wedding video?

If faced with the same question, please watch this video. Couples offer helpful advise with this dilemma.

Once you have made this important decision, here are some questions to ask when interviewing your potential vidoegrapher;

  1. How long have they been producing wedding videos?
  2. Do they stay current with technology, techniques, and education in their field?
  3. Is your videographer personable and will they personalize your video?
  4. Will the videographer you’re speaking to be the one who will be shooting your wedding?
  5. Have they ever shot a wedding at your ceremony or reception site?  If not, do they have something similar to show you?
  6. How will they capture sound during the ceremony and reception?
  7. How new is their equipment?
  8. Will they have back-up cameras with them?
  9. Do they specialize in videography?
  10. How long will it take them to edit the footage?  Will it be posted on their blog or your Facebook wall?

Lastly, ask yourself this question;

Have I evaluated the importance of the various choices of wedding services?

We could answer these questions here, but we would prefer to speak with you in person, if that’s ok.  If your would rather receive an email with the answers, please send requests to Tom at  Please put “questions” in the subject.

Even if you don’t select Alliance Video, we look forward to helping you make an intelligent choice.  The day goes by so fast and video is the only way to relive the action, moving emotions and sounds of the day.

We received this review recently from a bride who used our services in 2002.

My husband and I were not sure a wedding video fit into our wedding budget. After meeting with Tom and seeing the quality of his work, we knew we had to make room in our budget. We are so happy we did! We watch our video each year, on our anniversary. This year my son (4 1/2) and daughter (15 months) watched our wedding story with us. They got a big kick out of seeing us on TV and my son liked my “beautiful white dress”. While watching the video, my son insisted he and I slow dance together (melted my heart).

I knew my husband and I would enjoy our wedding video for years to come, what I didn’t think of was….that our children would as well.
Everyone who watches our video loves it and it’s thanks to you Tom. You captured the true heartfelt moments throughout that beautiful, rainy, November day. We can’t thank you enough Tom. You are excellent at what you do and one of the nicest people I have met!


Kate and Joe





Alliance Video’s exclusive Honeymoon Highlights

Can’t Wait?  Don’t Wait!

While you are enjoying your honeymoon, we are busy in the studio creating a wedding

highlight set to your first dance song.

We developed this special feature so you can

relive your beautiful wedding day right away.

During your honeymoon week, we will send you and your guests a link to view your wedding highlights online in vivid detail using our state-of-the-art HD Player.

You won’t believe your eyes!

This is our GIFT to you!