Change is Good

If you are searching for a video and don’t see it, that’s because we are cleaning up the older videos on our site to make room for the new.  I’m sure you will enjoy the changes as we go forward.  Thank you for allowing us to create a special memory and lifelong heirloom for you!

so, what’s our point

If you’re reading this, you know that Alliance Video has a new game that coincides with the 2014 Monday Night Football season.  If you hired us to produce your wedding video in 2015 or 2016, you qualify to play and win.  The contest begins on Monday, September 8, 2014 and runs thru Monday, December 22, 2014.  See all the rules and details here.

Over the next 16 weeks, we will be playing along.  As we ask, “So, what’s your point”, we will be telling you, “what’s our point.”  There are many reasons why we do what we do, coming up with 16 should be easy. Follow this Blog and Facebook to see our points.

Good Luck playing our game! Remember to email your point in by 7PM each Monday night. Double your chances with you and your fiancé both playing. Let’s have some fun!

2014-09-08 15.08.34

SO WHAT’S OUR POINT?  16 reasons why we do, what we do…and why you should care…..

POINT #1 – Each week we have a new boss.  The Bride Boss!  ok, the grooms are too, but we know who is most important, don’t we men?  Plus, Bride Boss sounds cooler.  Seriously, it’s great getting to know each of you.  Every wedding we have an opportunity to create something especially unique to you.  It’s our goal to always make the boss happy.

We’ll also play along with the games.  Tonight there are 2 games.

N.Y. Giants at Detroit – 38

San Diego at Arizona – 42


POINT #2 – To us, making a difference is more important than making money.   When factoring in the cost of our high-end equipment, our time filming and editing, customer service, continuous education, along with our years of experience in understanding what is important to you,  our price is low and value very high.  For example, tomorrow our company is investing time and money for a full day of education on advanced editing techniques in Philadelphia.  Maybe we’ll even take some time to celebrate an Eagles win.  Ultimately, we value making a deference on your wedding day and strive to create the most amazing video of the best day of your life!

Eagles at Colts – 58


POINT #3We’re all a little crazy and who doesn’t like having fun.  Obviously, we beautifully capture your day and produce a wonderful keepsake of the love you share.  In addition, on your wedding day and while editing, we look for ways to make your video even more fun.  In fact, often times we suggest and not only capture, but help create these “out-of-the-ordinary” fun moments.  We have plenty of ideas and examples to share.

Bears at Jets – 38


POINT #4 – Everyone loves the weekend!  We agree!  To spend a weekend joining a celebration and party…..are you kidding me?  Who could ask for a better job?  Gotta love it!  We are always looking for enthusiastic and artistic people to join our team.  If you or someone you know is interested in this field,  we are happy to train the right person.

Patriots at Chiefs – 47

There were more points scored last night then most thought. Hate to say it, but kudos to Andy Reid. Here is the leader board: Tied for 1st place with 18 points are Courtney M. and Jim W., Tied for 2nd are Natalie R. and Bill W. with 16 and there are 6 tied for 3rd with 14 points. It’s been great competition so far. Keep voting every Monday.


POINT #5 – We believe in living in the moment and love creating memories!  People sometimes ask if we create a “same-day edit.”  The answer has always been NO. For those who don’t know what that is, some video companies will stop the momentum of your reception to show video footage of things that took place only hours before.  I’m sure some companies may do a very nice job of putting it together.  But, THAT’S NOT OUR POINT.  It can wait, enjoy your reception!  While you are relaxing on your honeymoon,  living in the moment, some time has passed and you’re more anxious to relive your day privately.  Than share your video, that has been more carefully created (not rushed) to show family and friends on our blog and thru Facebook.

Seahawks at Redskins – 51


POINT #6 – People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people won’t forget how you made them feel.  We plan to have you remember how we made you feel on your wedding day.

49ers at Rams – 40


POINT #7 – We love having fun!    Not many companies in our industry run contests and games.  Each year we create several games to participate in and win.  We give away grand prizes at bridal shows, football challenges, and our annual “Crazy Into Contest” to name a few.

Texans at Steelers –   41


POINT #8 – People are important to us…here’s why.  Let’s face it, each of us are very interesting and unique.  We have an opportunity during your wedding planning process to get to know you.  That is very exciting to us!  Seriously, we learn how you’re wired so we can create something incredibly special to you on the best day of your life.  That is very fulfilling and drives us to go beyond your wildest expectations!

Redskins at Cowboys – 53


POINT #9 – Change is good.  We love to stay fresh and keep things exciting.  A famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson sits on my desk, “Do not go where the path may lead,  go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  You have our promise, that we will always look to leave a trail with new techniques and on top of “forever changing” technologies.

Colts at Giants – 50


POINT #10 – Doesn’t it feel good to help others?  It not only feels great, in fact, I believe it is vital…yes absolutely necessary in life!  This business is all about giving back.  We offer assistance to you before, during and after your wedding, in helping recreate the memories of your special day.  The moment is so big, and incredibly important, that we want to get it right for you.  We’re here to help!

Panthers at Eagles – 48


POINT #11 - We attend about a dozen bridal shows each year.  This gives us an opportunity to share in the excitement with newly engaged couples and those eager to secure vendors for their day.  Everyone is happy, food is served,  prizes are awarded and those attending can enjoy fashion shows and presentations. We love what we do!

Steelers at Titans – 44


WeddingWire Rated

We just reached 100, 5 star reviews on the WeddingWire.  Although we are proud to have this many positive reviews, it’s our belief that if you do what you love, people will notice.  In many ways it’s very humbling to be acknowledged this many times,  but I suppose people do recognize our efforts in something we love to do.  The truth is, we are so privileged to join you on the best day of your life!  Your words of thanks however, are very much appreciated.  We will always strive to stay current on technology,  listen to what is important to you,  have fun, deliver the highest quality video and customer service, while exceeding your expectations on your wedding day!  We love you all!


So, What’s Your Point?

                         win a GoPro

After all the fun we had last year, with our (NO REGRETS) football game, we wanted to create another entertaining contest.  We hope you don’t mind……we love football, weddings and video, so let’s tie it all together, shall we?

Thanks for playing along….here goes…, Alliance Video is kicking off a new game that coincides with the 2014 Monday Night Football season.  If you hired us to produce your wedding video in 2015 or 2016, you qualify to play and win.  The contest begins on Monday, September 8, 2014 and runs thru Monday, December 22, 2014.

Here’s how it works; each week, by 7PM before MNF, email,, the total number of points you think will be scored in the game.   In the Subject Line, type; So, What’s Your Point?  If you are within 5 points of the total (either over or under), you score 5 points.  If you are within 6-10 points of the total, you score 2 points.  If you are over 10 points, you still get 1 point for playing.  Points are cumulative from week to week, so the sooner you get in the game, the better your chances of winning.

For example; the first MNF game in week 1 is between the Giants and Lions. Let’s say you think the total points scored in the game is 35.  If the Giants win 17 to 10, for a total of 27 points, the point differential is 8, so you earn 2 points.   There are 2 games in week 1, so you have 2 chances.  See schedule below.

So, what do you win for having some fun with us, and minimal effort?  At the conclusion of the season, the points will be totaled and the champion will win the following; a GoPro Hero3 camera and accessories totaling over $300. PLUS, ….(you’re gonna love this)……have a trusted and techie member of your bridal party video record behind the scenes activity prior to, and on your wedding day.  We will analyze, edit and creatively weave these fun moments into your full wedding video.  Things like; your rehearsal dinner, beauty salon, car rides, limo rides, etc.  Maybe the camera stays in the bag during the bachelor/bachelorette party. Just a thought.  So, remember to email your total score each week before 7PM Monday night to qualify.

So, What’s Your Point?  Our point is to give back to those who trust us to produce the most important day of their lives and have some fun along the way.  We hope you enjoy the game and good luck!

Week Date Time (ET) Match-up
Week 1: 8-Sep 7:00 PM N.Y. Giants (14) at Detroit (35) = 49
Week 1: 8-Sep 10:15 PM San Diego (17) at Arizona (18) = 35
Week 2: 15-Sep 8:30 PM Philadelphia (30) at Indianapolis (27) = 57
Week 3: 22-Sep 8:30 PM Chicago (27) at N.Y. Jets (19) = 46
Week 4: 29-Sep 8:30 PM New England (14) at Kansas City (41) = 55
Week 5: 6-Oct 8:30 PM Seattle (27) at Washington (17) = 44
Week 6: 13-Oct 8:30 PM San Francisco (31) at St. Louis (17) = 48
Week 7: 20-Oct 8:30 PM Houston (23) at Pittsburgh (30) = 53
Week 8: 27-Oct 8:30 PM Washington at Dallas
Week 9: 3-Nov 8:30 PM Indianapolis at N.Y. Giants
Week 10: 10-Nov 8:30 PM Carolina at Philadelphia
Week 11: 17-Nov 8:30 PM Pittsburgh at Tennessee
Week 12: 24-Nov 8:30 PM Baltimore at New Orleans
Week 13: 1-Dec 8:30 PM Miami at N.Y. Jets
Week 14: 8-Dec 8:30 PM Atlanta at Green Bay
Week 15: 15-Dec 8:30 PM New Orleans at Chicago
Week 16: 22-Dec 8:30 PM Denver at Cincinnati


  • Prize is not redeemable for cash value.

  • Must have booked our video services for your 2015 or 2016 wedding to qualify.

  • Will accept 2 entries per week from each couple.  A vote from the bride and a vote from the groom.  Must use the same email addresses listed on your contract to place your weekly score.

  • Weekly email needs to be received before 7PM Monday night.

  • There will only be 1 winner.  If the game ends in a tie, there will be a tie-breaker challenge.

  • Email must contain your name, score and “So What’s Your Point” in the subject box.

  • Email,





Crazy Intro Contest II

Back by popular request is our 2nd annual Crazy Intro Contest.  In 2013, we picked our top 50 most creative and funniest bridal party introductions from 2012.  It was a huge hit.  Check our last year’s video.  We then let the voters decide the top 10 then the winners.  We gave away some great prizes and it was a lot of fun.  Since many of our 2013 couples saw the video and contest, we had several brides tell us that they were going to win the following year.  For some, it became a competition to be the craziest, I guess.

So, once again, we picked, what we considered the our top 50 most creative,  entertaining and outrageous intros from last year (2013).  It wasn’t easy, but we think we nailed it.



  • The Crazy Intro Contest runs from 1/24/14 – 2/14/14
  • You can vote every day to increase your chance of winning
  • Be sure to share with your family and friends.
  • All voting is done on Facebook.  Follow this link.
  • We are awarding a Gold Silver & Bronze Medal, plus prizes to the top 3 Craziest Intros.
  • One randomly selected participant in the contest will also win a prize.  Someone will win a WDTV Live Media Player.  Follow this link for info.
  • Contestants with no votes will be removed from the competition at 5PM on Friday, 1/31/14.  
  • Each Medal Winner will receive an engraved medallion, provided by Spike’s Trophies.
  • SILVER and BRONZE Medal winners will receive dinner for 2 at Maggiano’s.


  • JUST ADDED 2/3/14..all Medal Winners will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to IMPACT Fitness & Training.
  • JUST ADDED 2/7/14Simply Inviting will be giving away the following Gift Certificates to the Medal Winners.  $25 to Bronze, $50 to Silver & $100 to Gold.


  • The GOLD MEDAL WINNER will receive; (valued over $2,000)
  • Dinner for 4 at Maggiano’s
  • Limo ride to and from dinner provided by Leggs Limo
  • $400 toward video services provided by Alliance Video
  • $400 toward photography services provided by LucidFoto
  • $400 toward DJ services provided by DJ’s Available Sound & Light
  • $400 toward Slomo Video Booth provided by Alliance Video 
  • $100 toward floral services provided by Joyful Bouquets

The above 8 services are transferable to another person for a future booking. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and must be used within 18 months of date issued.  Not to be combined with any other offers.

Show some love to our sponsor’s by visiting and liking their Facebook page. Click their logo to be redirected. 

 Don’t forget to tell all your family and friends to help you earn a medal and win big prizes.  By participating, they also have a chance to win.  Visit our Facebook page and vote everyday.  

Good Luck, you Crazy people! 


Updated February 14, 2014

Our Crazy Intro Contest has ended and we have our medal winners, all from the United States. 
Gold Medal – Christin & Brandon (941 votes)
Silver Medal – Julia & Paul (814 votes) 
Bronze Medal – Jennifer & Joseph (188 votes) 
The random participant who was selected to win the WDTV Live Media Player is Danielle Lind.


Thank you for taking part in our crazy game! We hope everyone had fun!


“Don’t regret yesterday’s decisions.  Plan today for tomorrow’s memories, with NO REGRETS.”  

We have choices everyday.  Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes not. The decisions we make can be linked to a variety of factors, including; challenges, influences, finances, comfort, habits, and our thinking.


It’s said that, memories last a lifetime.  So true!  We hold onto these memories as tight as a running back gripping the ball, as he crosses the goal line for the winning touchdown.  Unfortunately, memories fade over time. They last a lifetime,  but they do fade.  Especially the vivid details, you just wish you could remember.


It’s my contention that your wedding day will be the best day of your life. You never want to forget anything on this special day.  Photographers and videographers are hired to help you preserve these moments for a lifetime of memories and to share with family and friends.


Both, video and photos have their purpose and each are equally important.  Beautiful portraits and picture albums are wonderful to look back on this still moment in time.


 As our memories fade over the years, the sights and sounds on your wedding video will be the best way to bring you back to the best day of your life.  With a video, you will be able share these priceless memories with your family 10, 20, 50 years from now, and nothing will tell your day’s love story better than a professional wedding video.


Decide now, or help others make this incredibly important choice.  Don’t regret yesterday’s decisions.  Plan today for tomorrow’s memories with NO REGRETS!


Click picture to open larger and read this interesting text exchange between a bride and her friend.

NR Card001


Continue Reading

NO REGRETS Game – questions


Well, there is NO question, we have a winner in our NO REGRETS Game.

The winner with a perfect score of 50 points is Jillian DuPont.


Jil got every question correct in our 30 day game. She scored all daily points, the bonus point, 4 field goals, the touchdown and extra point! INCREDIBLE!


Jil will be joining her husband Sean and 2 others to the Eagles vs Giant’s game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 27, 2013. They will receive a chauffeured limousine to and from game supplied by Albert’s Transportation, a tailgate gift, and dinner for 4 after the game at the amazing Maggiano’s in Cherry Hill!

CONGRATULATIONS JIL, you played your heart out and scored BIG TIME!


Thank you everyone for playing, it’s been great competition and a lot of fun. Even if you didn’t win, I hope you had NO REGRETS


Here is a statement from Jil;

We are so excited to have won the no regrets game.  It was so much fun playing each day and seeing so many great videos! We can’t wait to go to the game and have an awesome day!  Jilian and Sean

NO REGRETS Game – rules

Official Contest Rules

The NO REGRETS Game kicks off on September 1, 2013
The game is played for 30 days, and possibly a 1 week overtime, if there is a tie score. 
One winner will be awarded the exciting prize package. 
Must be 21 years of age or older and a resident of South Jersey or Philadelphia to participate and to win.
Each day in September, a question will be posted on our blog by 10AM.  Click here to visit QUESTION PAGE
Each daily question is worth 1 point.
Only 1 response per day, per person is permitted.
There will be 4 opportunities to attempt field goals to score 3 points.
Your points are cumulative and will be recorded using our precise tracking system. 
The person with the most points at the conclusion of the game wins. 
There will be 1 chance to score a touchdown, worth 6 points. 
In the event of a tie, the game will go into overtime. 
If necessary, overtime will run for one additional week.
No purchase or booking necessary. 
Visit our blog each day to increase your chance of winning.
There are over 200 videos on our blog where you will find your answers.
Submit your answers by email to;
Your email submissions must include your name and answer.  In the subject line type; NO REGRETS
The winner will receive;
4 tickets to the Eagles vs. Giants game in Philadelphia on October 27, 2013
Limo ride to and from game provided by Albert’s Transportation
Surprise Tailgate Package
Dinner for 4 after the game at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Cherry Hill
Transportation begins and ends at the Cherry Hill Mall
Contest managed by Alliance Video Productions – all rights reserved
Prize package is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash value and only valid on October 27, 2013
Game Sponsors:
Alliance Video logo Maggiano's ad Albert's ad
Those people employed by the sponsors are not permitted to participate in the game.

Crazy Intro Contest

Winner’s please contact Alliance Video right away to claim your prize. (609) 268-7044

  • 5 NEW PRIZES ADDED  (scroll down)
  • FRIDAY, 2/8/13 at 9PM, the TOP 10 will be announced (scroll down)
  • BIG NEWS…the restaurant is revealed where the 3 lucky winners will be enjoying their meal (scroll down)
  • ANNOUNCING THE TOP 10 (scroll down)


On Friday, February 1, 2013 we began our Crazy Intro Contest.  Anyone can qualify to win a Valentine’s Day dinner.  The contest ends Sunday 2/10/13 at midnight. The winners will be announced on Monday morning.  All details and rules are listed below our 2012 Crazy Intro Video. 

The contest involves a video we created with our picks for the most creative and craziest bridal party introductions of 2012.  To enter the contest, you much choose your favorite crazy intro.

There will be three prizes awarded.  Each receive a gift certificate to a Valentine’s Dinner.   The three winners will be;

  • #1. To the crazy couple with the most votes.
  • #2. The bride & groom whose wedding the wining vote receiver attended.
  • #3. A randomly selected person who takes part in this contest.  You can only vote once, but increase your chances by voting on all social sites.  See below.

Anyone can win, get the word out!


  1. Follow Alliance Video on at least 1 of the following social networking sites.  Increase your changes by following us on all.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +.
  2. Share The Crazy Intro Video with your friends.  I’m sure your friends will want to join the contest and vote for your crazy bridal party member. You will need to share this video post on Facebook and/or Google Plus.  Increase your winning percentage by re-tweeting on Twitter and re-pinning on Pinterest.
  3. Like the video post on Facebook or Pinterst, or, +1 on Google Plus.  Like on all three to increase your winning percentage.
  4. Must live in the USA.
  5. Vote for your favorite Crazy Intro.  Cast your vote in the comments box of the post on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and/or YouTube.  Hit reply to cast your vote on Twitter.

Here are the links to the posts to FOLLOW, SHARE, LIKE and VOTE. Good Luck and Thank You for participating in this fun contest! We especially thank our wedding couples and the creativity of your bridal party. 

 More prizes announced today, Wednesday, 2/6/13

The contest just got even better.  As a way of saying thank you to our many 2012 bride’s and groom we added a twist.  On Friday, 2/8/13 we will announce the top 10 nominees.  This includes, those couples who received the highest number of votes for their Crazy Intro.  From there, you have two days (until Sunday) to move into the Top 5.  The bride & groom, whose bridal party couple are in the Top 5, will also get a great gift.  We will encode your wedding video onto one of our cool, brand new Stylus USB Video Pens.  Follow this link for details on this great new item from Alliance Video.  Sunday night, we will award 8 prizes!  The 3 winners of the Valentine’s Dinner as described above, PLUS, 5 winners of the Video Pens.

Get busy and keep sharing to get the most votes!  Good Luck to everyone and thanks for joining the Crazy Intro Contest.      


On Friday evening at 9PM, the TOP 10 Crazy Intros will be announced. All votes count form the beginning of the contest. No re-votes needed. Keep spreading the word to new people to increase your chance, and the crazy couples chance of winning. 8 great prizes being awarded on Sunday evening; 3 Valentine’s Dinners and 5 Stylus USB Video Pens. All TOP 10 finalist’s votes carry over and it does not start a new contest. Vote only once on each network site, but increase your chances by voting on all social networks.  See links above.


This Just in…….2/8/13, 11:30AM 

SURPRISE!! We couldn’t wait any longer to reveal where the 3 lucky winning couples will be enjoying their Valentine’s Dinner. SURPRISE…it’s the amazing Maggiano’s Little Italy! Check out their mouth-watering Valentine’s menu. Keep sharing and get votes to be among one of the 3 to enjoy this delicious meal. Good luck and thank you for joining the Crazy Intro Contest.


Here are the TOP 10 nominees.  The contest is heating up!  All previous votes count, so no re-votes will be accepted.   The Bride & Groom who end up in the TOP 5 will win a Stylus USB Video Pen.  The winning crazy couple, along with the bride and groom whose wedding they attended, will also win a Valentine’s Dinner.  The 3rd Valentine’s Dinner winner will be randomly selected if you participated in this contest.

 KEEP SHARING and VOTING.  The contest end on Sunday at midnight!